Dormers are an attractive and useful element that roofers can add to many roofs.

These window-containing roof extensions are available in many different designs to complement different home and building architecture styles and serve various purposes.

If you are looking for a way to change the look of your home or make it more useful and comfortable, consider adding dormers to your roofing for the reasons mentioned here.

Visual Aesthetics

While many homes have functional dormers, the majority of dormers found on the typical roof is ornamental only.

Despite that, non-functional dormers with windows are popular design features that can improve the look of many homes by adding certain character, while also making the home look more individual in areas where similar architectural plans are widely repeated.

There are many styles of dormers that can be added by roofers to different home styles, from traditional to eclectic, giving you an opportunity to dramatically change the look of your homes relatively easily and affordably.

Add More Square Footage

In terms of functional dormers, these larger additions built into a home’s existing roofing are one option for making empty attic space useful.

With dormer spaces, which elevate the roofline, certain attics can be turned into actual living space.

This could not only give you the extra space you need for an additional bedroom, an office, or another space, but that converted living space adds to the total living space of the house, increasing its value.

Dormers do require construction by experienced roofers, but they are a much more affordable alternative to other types of additions, or even selling a home to buy a newer, larger one.

Increase Light and Cooling Efficiency

Beyond being able to convert your attic space into usable space, dormers built into an attic roof open the space up to let in more light.

Whether that space continues as an attic used for storage or it gets converted into actual living space, dormers, with their many windows, let in the natural light.

Dormers installed into the roofing with real, functional windows and not just window fronts are also useful for improving air circulation within the attic and letting out rising heat to keep your summertime cooling costs lower.

Dormers Improve Homes In Many Ways

Whether you want to change the front-facing look of your home to make it more appealing and stand out from the crowd or you’re looking for a way to grow more space in your home out of nowhere, adding roof dormers is a great solution.

Available in countless sizes and styles, dormers built by skilled roofers make great aesthetic improvements or offer you the chance to even build a whole new room in your house.

Before deciding to sell, or just settling for things as they are now, talk to a roofing company about how beautiful dormers can transform your home!

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