Roof Maintenance in Bryan Texas

Metal is one of the strongest and most resilient roofing materials in use today. When installed by experienced metal roof services, your structure will last for decades with minimal maintenance. A proper installation will also mean a reduced need for roof repairs over the years.

When you perform roof maintenance, it is important to periodically apply a coat of metal paint. Although your metal structure is stronger and more corrosion-resistant than most other types of roofs, a coat of metal paint offers you a number of advantages, such as the ones discussed below.

Paint Protects Metal

Most standard metal roofing installed by expert roof services is made from various grades of galvanized steel. Galvanizing is a protective metal coating that reduces corrosion by corroding itself, instead of allowing moisture to damage the metal underneath. It prolongs the life of the steel; however, steel can still corrode once the galvanization wears off.

The best way to keep galvanization and the metal below it intact is with a coat of paint designed specifically for use over metal. These paints, made with resins that bond to the surface, make a sealed coating over the metal and galvanized application, reducing the corrosive effects of moisture even more.

For metal roofing, this means greater durability and less corrosion-related roof repairs even in conditions known to promote corrosion such as exposure to salt water and air.

Why Paint Your Metal Roof?

Some of the main reasons why you might choose to install a metal system on your home are its long life and low roof maintenance requirement. The only thing most metal installations need is for the fasteners and flashing to be checked routinely. Yet metal paint offers you a number of additional benefits as follows:

  • Protection - As noted above, painted metal panels are more resilient against corrosion, even if they are galvanized. Metal paint seals your panels, slowing corrosion and helping you get a full life from your structure without the need of costly roof repair.
  • Better Appearance - Painted panels look nicer on homes than unpainted ones. While it may be one thing to use unpainted metal on agricultural or industrial buildings, this can look unsightly on a home. Painting allows you to choose a color that compliments your home and makes it look attractive in the neighborhood.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency - Including a periodic coat of metal paint as a part of your roof maintenance schedule can also increase the energy efficiency of your roof. Metal is already a fairly efficient material since it is highly reflective, which reduces the passage of UV rays through the panels and into the home. When roof services apply a coat of light colored or UV-reflective paint, energy efficiency is increased even more. Not only will your home be more comfortable in warmer weather, your utility bills will be less.

Chances are, if you have a metal roof or are interested in one, you already know the many advantages these systems offer. Lower roof maintenance requirements and less of a need for roof repairs over the decades are very attractive qualities. Extend these advantages even more with a coat of metal paint. Local roof services experienced with metal systems can help you choose the right coating and apply it for you quickly and easily so your roof looks and performs its best!

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