Solar roofing is a hot topic these days, no pun intended.

With better solar products coming into the market for roofers to install every year, it’s becoming a more practical option for many people.

If you’re contemplating getting a solar roof but are not 100% convinced, here are a few reasons why solar is a great choice for an environmentally-friendly, money-saving roof!

An Environmentally-Friendly Source of Power

The main and most understood benefit of installing solar roofing on any building is that it is an environmentally-friendly source of renewable energy.

A properly equipped system can keep things running day or night as well as rain or shine, without polluting the environment.

A solar roof can significantly reduce a home or building’s environmental footprint, offsetting some of the environmental damage being done by fossil fuels.

It is a clean, green system that is making a bigger impact as more roofs for homes and businesses choose to go solar these days.

An Endless Source of Power

Since it gets its energy from the sun, a solar roof is endlessly powered for free.

The advanced systems installed by solar roofers are designed to store energy while the sun is out so there is energy to use when it is not.

Most systems can power a home or building for days on stored energy even if the sun is not shining too brightly.

Then add to that the fact that solar power via roofing is free, and it is a win-win situation.

Much Lower Electricity Bills

With a solar roofing system designed to handle the power draw of the home or building it supplies, electricity bills will shrink to the bare minimum, sometimes as low as only the power company’s fee to stay connected.

Not only can electricity bills be slashed, you may even be able to sell your excess power back to the power company.

Over the 20-year lifespan that most solar roofs have, this could mean a savings of as much as $30,000.

Better, More Powerful Technology

A common complaint about solar roofs over the years was inefficiency and the inability to draw enough power from the sun’s rays.

Fortunately, solar technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade, with the systems installed by roofers today generating and storing many times the amount than the original systems.

Now it is actually possible to run a home or building completely off just solar during the day while storing enough power to continue running them at night for multiple days at a time.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Now the government is even helping to make solar roofing an affordable choice for more people by offering a tax credit.

Many homeowners and some businesses can apply for a sizable tax credit that can offset the cost of having a solar roof system installed.

Ready To Invest In A Sustainable Solar Roof?

Solar energy is a clean, green roofing solution that more people are considering every day.

These great benefits make getting a solar roof common sense if saving money while protecting the environment are things you would like to do.

Find an experienced solar roofer to talk about different products and plan a solar installation today!

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