A classic wood roof is one of the most beautiful roofs that can be installed on your home or smaller commercial building.

As beautiful as they are, wood roofing companies will point out that there are a few things to know about them before investing.

From which style to install to how to prevent the need for costly wood roof repairs, here is some valuable information about this type of roof to help you decide whether wood roofer services are for you!

1. Wood Roofing Styles and Types

There are two basic styles of roofing installed by wood roofing companies today: shingles and shakes.

  • Shingles are thin, flat, smooth finished, and evenly cut, sometimes rectangular and other times with decorative shapes.

  • Shakes are thicker and more dimensional, rough cut from logs, and more uneven in appearance, producing a rustic and natural look.

Today, shingles and shakes are made from a variety of woods including pine, cypress, cedar, and redwood.

Pine is the lowest-cost option, redwood the most expensive.

Pine and cypress require continuous waterproofing to slow rotting and the need for roof repair, while cedar and redwood are naturally water-resistant, so they resist rotting much longer.

Cedar is the most popular choice although for those in especially wet areas, redwood is a better option.

2. Wood Roof Maintenance Requirements

All wood roofing requires a good deal of maintenance by an experienced roofer service to keep them in shape, regardless of the wood used.

Wood shingles and shakes must be periodically cleaned of debris and any mold, mildew, or algae that might be growing on them, then recoated with waterproofing to reduce water absorption and rotting.

Wood roofs must also be frequently checked for insect infestation and holes made by rodents, both of which can add to decay and shorten the lifespan of the roof.

3. Longevity and Durability

In comparison to many other types of roofing, wood tends to be more durable, resisting damage and breakage as long as it is properly maintained.

Life expectancy for a wood shingle roof is 30+ years when well-maintained; wood shakes, because they are thicker, may last longer.

4. Other Benefits of Wood Roofs

When produced from sustainably harvested lumber, wood shingles and shakes installed by skilled wood roofing companies are both environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

They are wind-resistant as they don’t bend and fairly impact resistant in comparison to asphalt, metal, tile, and cement.

Because they resist shrinking and expanding, wood shakes and shingles also stay fastened better without loosening, for a more watertight installation.

5. A Few Disadvantages to Wood Roofing

Although the advantages of hiring a wood roofing company to do a shingle or shake installation are many, there are a few disadvantages to be aware of as well.

Wood roofing is considerably more costly than typical asphalt shingles since they are more labor-intensive to make.

Wood roofs Wood roofsrequire a lot of insulation as they are not very thermo-efficient.

Most importantly, when not well maintained as mentioned above, you could end up with extensive wood roof repair costs when the wood starts to rot.

Painted or stained roofs must be re-painted and re-stained over time to keep them looking good.

In addition, these roofs are not fire-resistant and are not recommended in areas where wildfires are common.

Understand the Details About Wood Roofing Before You Buy

Wood roofs installed by a roofing company experienced in this type of installation look stunningly beautiful and last a long time; however, they do require a good deal of maintenance to reduce the need for wood roof repairs.

Consider the pros and cons mentioned here if you’re looking for a change that will make your home or building stand out from the rest, then consult with skilled wood roofer services to ensure a perfect job!

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