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One of the problems that a roofing contractor checks for when performing routine roofing inspections is dry rot. Dry rot is technically not dry; it affects many homes in humid and high moisture areas and can cause significant damage.

Since it can be difficult to detect, regular inspections by a roofing company are essential if you live in an affected area. Early detection and prompt roofing repairs to get dry rot under control can save your roof.

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a decay condition that affects wood that has been infected with an invasive species of fungus. It is different than typical wet wood rot that a roofing contractor might see with wood that is constantly wet, which leads to decomposition from the outside caused by other organisms.

This fungus actually lives within the wood fibers, slowly weakening the wood and spreading rapidly as millions of spores are released each day. These spores can sit dormant on wood for a long time. In areas where there is a great deal of warmth and moisture, they can grow and infect the wood.

How Can Dry Rot Damage Your Roofing?

Dry rot is highly invasive and destructive; it should be treated as quickly as possible by an experienced roofing repair service. When left untreated, it will slowly erode infected wood, drying it out and weakening any structure that it affects. It is a main cause of structural and roof collapses and other concerns that should be repaired by a roofing company to prevent further damage to your home.

What Are the Signs of Dry Rot?

Because dry rot only requires warmth and humidity to grow and spread, it can cause damage in areas of your roof that may seem perfectly dry. It can be difficult to detect for the same reason, which is why routine inspections by a professional roofing contractor are so important.

Homeowners may not notice the signs of dry rot themselves until there is already significant damage.The most telltale sign of a dry rot problem requiring attention from a roofing company is wood that has large patches of discoloration or many splits and cracks. Dry rot may also look similar to wood that is infested with termites or other destructive insects.

In addition, wood that can be pulled apart by hand, dents easily, or crumbles when a screwdriver is pressed into it is suffering from dry rot. The wood may also have a musty smell to it. Any of these symptoms require immediate attention from a roofing repair service before the damage becomes more widespread.

Depending on the severity of the problem, there are a number of ways roofing companies deal with dry rot. Roofing repair first requires finding the source of the moisture and getting rid of the problem. It may also include rebuilding affected areas. To correct dry rot before it causes serious harm to your home, schedule inspections with an experienced roofing contractor every year or two in areas where it is common. Early detection is the best protection against dry rot problems!

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