Nothing quite fills a homeowner’s mind and heart with dread like a leaky roof. Although water seems to be something quite benign and a leak should be easy to fix, the truth is that water is quite an insidious fellow – you never know what kind of damage is already happening behind the scenes.

Roofs with leaks must be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid any further structural damage and the growth of mold. So make sure that you call for roof repair when you first notice a leak or you might end up headed for a roof replacement.

There are many different reasons why your roof might spring a leak. Constant vigilance will help you avoid developing problems like this down the road so it’s good to be aware of some of the reasons why your roof might leak.


It can’t be denied – old roofs do get leaky, simply because of the natural deterioration that occurs over time, especially since house coverings are exposed to the elements 24/7. If you have an old roof, it may just be time for a roof replacement.

Brick Chimneys

Although they look fantastic and can really accentuate a home, brick chimneys can be the enemies of roofs. Be sure to check your brick chimney as well as the mortared joints that connect it to the roof. Call for roof repair to look for the problem if you cannot find and fix it yourself.


Flashing that is either improperly installed or aged and damaged can be another cause for leaks. Roof repair should be able to help you fix them easily. Make sure that they are properly sealed as well.

Missing/Broken Shingles

Sometimes it can’t be helped – shingles get broken, uplifted, or just go completely missing. It’s easy to patch things up if it’s just one or two that have gone missing; however, if there are too many shingles gone, it might be time for a roof replacement.


Nothing is quite as obvious a cause for leaks as a hole in the roof. If you have holes in your roof, it might be time to call a roofing company to come and fix the problem. They may also need to inspect for worse structural damage that might need attention, especially if the hole is particularly large.

Clogged Gutters

It’s important to make sure that your gutters are always clean and clear of debris so that water can drain properly through your downspout. Otherwise, water will end up where it’s not supposed to go and cause roof problems for you later on.

There are many other reasons why roofs might leak, from complex roofing architecture to skylights to accidental damage. Regular inspections and roof repair when it’s needed can really help avoid an early roof replacement. Just keep a roofing company’s contact details handy – to handle the unexpected!

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