A leaky roof can cause so much damage and so many problems inside of the home if not taken care of. It can be a costly job but in the end, it is going to save you from doing more repairs because of the leak. If the water finds its way through the roof it is going to want to seep through the ceiling of any room in your home and that is where it is going to cost you. You'll have to repaint the room or rooms and most likely have to worry about the lighting, the carpet, and the furniture and most likely replace all of it. The damage it can do will cost you lots. Try some of these tips of Preventing Roof Leaks

Get up on the Roof and Clean it

You can do this yourself or you can hire someone to get up on the top of the house and clean around any skylights that you may have or any vents. The chimney should be cleared of any dirt. Look for any place that dirt can settle and clean it. If you leave the dirt where it is, the rainwater will sit there and between the dirt and the water, it's going to deteriorate the roof in time.

Clean the Gutters

The gutters around the entire house need to be clear so the water can run safely along them, down the pipes and out of the gutters. Leaves and dirt will gather in them and cause the water to just sit there and any water falling off the roof is only going to clog the gutters with nowhere to go. Water has to have a place to go so let the water flow into the drain pipe and off the roof, leaving it clear of any sitting water.

Make Sure No Branches are Hanging Over the House

If you have a tree near your home and the branches are hanging over the house, they need to be cut so the roof is free and clear of the branches. The branches can do a lot of damage to it. Imagine a windy day and the branches hitting up against the roof of the house, this in time will cause wear and tear on the shingles. When there are branches, there are leaves and the leaves will go right in the gutters of the house and that will also cause problems.