Roofers in Texas and throughout the rest of the country are currently experiencing severe materials shortages that are affecting the entire industry.

With hurricane season rolling in, this could turn into a big strain for roofing contractors in the state.

Getting roofs repaired the right way is going to be more challenging this year until the supply chain improves and materials production picks up to supply the demand.

Why A Shortage of Roofing Materials?

Due to a triple-whammy affecting the supply of roofing materials as well as all kinds of other construction materials, getting a roof done or repaired in Texas is going to be harder for the foreseeable future.

Though things are slowly resuming, supply chain breakdowns from various angles have affected the production and shipment of just about every product that roofers need.

The first hit was the COVID-19 pandemic, which reduced the demand for roof supplies dramatically, causing manufacturers to stop production.

It also created an increased demand for the raw materials needed to start production back up, since roofing materials manufacturers are far from the only manufacturers and sources that have been affected.

Add to this the blockage in the Suez Canal that has sent ripples through the supply chain and then the deep freeze this winter that shut down businesses for days or weeks, therefore meeting the now skyrocketing demand for these same supplies is becoming tough.

What Does This Mean for Texas Roofers?

With these shortages in full swing and storm season here, Texas roofers definitely have their work cut out for them, both in sourcing their materials and managing their customers who may need repairs.

Some businesses may need to keep their work to strictly storm repairs for a while to keep customers dry when such unexpected damage happens.

Lead times have doubled as well, something that roofing contractors should expect and warn customers about as well.

Schedules will have to change as well as job priorities with customers with the greatest need being taken care of first.

What Does This Mean For Texas Home and Building Owners?

It basically means that roofing customers will pay more for roof work this year and forward until the supply demand is relaxed and prices relax with it - and there will be work delays.

Damage repairs will take priority over general work and replacements that can hold on a little longer as contractors struggle to cater to their communities.

Due to these and other issues, local customers should stay alert to out-of-town contractors coming in claiming they can do the work right away if area roofers have waiting lists.

These are the unscrupulous contractors in business only to make a buck at the expense of the customer.

A better idea is to work only with known local roofing companies even if there is a wait in order to guarantee top-quality work and help keep those small businesses working during these challenging times.

Roofing Materials Shortages Affect Everyone In Texas

With supply chains slow to recover from numerous problems, roofers are facing drastic shortages of all the supplies and materials required to do this work.

As storm season has arrived in Texas, it is recommended that home and building owners take protective measures to prevent storm damage, as getting roof repairs made could take longer than usual and higher prices should be expected.

Contractors will also have to be judicious in their project scheduling.

Hopefully after scraping by in 2021, things will be better off by next year’s storm season!

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