With all the roofing options available today, it can be hard to choose the best one for your house.

Metal roofing is a good choice as it offers many benefits over other types of roofing; however,some don’t like its more plain and obvious appearance.

It can be pricey, too.

If you’ve ever considered a metal roof but thought against it due to cost or appearance, stone-coated steel might be just right for you.

The stone-coated steel products offered by many metal roofers today are a lot more versatile and beneficial than you might think!

What Is Stone-Coated Metal Roofing?

Stone-coated steel metal roofing is a form of metal installation that performs like metal but looks somewhat different than the typical standing seam design that most people think of when considering a metal roof.

Stone-coated steel roofing is basically a type of steel roofing pressed into a shingle shape, then finished with a layer of rust preventative followed by a thick layer of crushed stone on top of that.

The stone, which is fused to the surface of the steel, makes a highly durable coating while transforming the appearance of the metal so it looks more attractive in comparison to plain standing seam roofs.

How Is Stone-Coated Steel Better Than Standard Metal Roofing?

One of the more prominent qualities of stone-coated steel roofing is how it looks.

When properly installed by an expert metal roofer, the stone coating gives the shaped metal panels the appearance of premium quality dimensional asphalt shingles or even that of a slate or stone roof.

They look so good that from the ground, the only one who will know it’s not either of those materials is you.

Additionally, a fused, crushed stone coating makes those already durable metal panels even more durable.

They are also less likely to experience damage from hail, which can sometimes leave standard metal roofs dented.

As a matter of fact, stone-coated steel metal roofing is so strong, some insurance companies offer policy discounts in areas where hail is common because it can stand up to hail better than most other materials.

What Important Benefits Does Stone-Coated Steel Offer?

Stone-coated steel roofing offers all the same benefits that any other metal roofing does, plus added strength:

  • Long-Lasting - With a lifespan of 70 years or more depending on the product, stone-coated metal roofs outlast even the highest quality architectural shingles available today.
  • Low Maintenance - The fade-resistant, super-durable coated metal requires nothing more than a routine inspection every year by your metal roofer to check for damage or problems, but no other maintenance at all.
  • Energy Efficiency – In general, metal roofs are highly energy-efficient, as the metal reflects UV rays as opposed to absorbing them like many other roofing materials. The stone coating even increases that ability, making stone-coated metal even more energy efficient than standard metal.
  • Cost-Effective - Though stone-coated metal roofing initially costs more than traditional shingles and slightly more than plain metal styles, it pays for itself in its durability, longevity, and energy efficiency as a roof that can last nearly a lifetime.
  • Stylish - Available in numerous shingle styles and colors, stone-coated steel compliments your home or building the same as any other shingle or panel might.

Stone-Coated Steel Is A Great Option In Metal Roofing

Roofing is costly, so it’s important to choose a roofing material that looks great and will last when the time comes for your next roof.

If you’re interested in a metal roof but don’t like how some of them look, try stone-coated steel metal roofing for its many qualities and cost-effectiveness.

A popular product installed by metal roofers, stone-coated steel gives you all the advantages of metal with the appearance of shingle, stone, or other attractive roofing styles to improve the look of your home or building.

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