The roofs of our homes are imperative as they provide us protection from the weather elements like rain, snow, and heat. These items are the cause of damage to our roofs which is why roof repairs and maintenance are regularly required. Our roof acts as a shield for our homes and keeps the home dry and prevent elements from entering.

Due to its importance, I have listed below parts of the roofs that we as homeowners should keep an eye on for roof repairs and maintenance.

1. Roof Framing 

This is the lumber (trusses) that found underneath the ceiling that supports roofing materials. The roof framing is an important part of the upper limit as it supports the weight of the roof when snow or winds put pressure on it.

2.Roof slope or pitch 

The roof slope shows how steep your roof is. The slope of your roof is meant for water to slide down quickly and while it may make of different materials, it serves a common purpose.

3.Roof's raincoat 

A roof's protector comprised of many layers. These layers are the plywood sheathing that placed above the trusses. This plywood coated with a vapor barrier or underlayment which seals the wood around the nails and secures your roof shingles.

Homeowners should always remember that roof repairs should be done immediately once a problem is detected. Will prevent further damage to your roof that may turn out to be quite expensive. Regular painting and maintenance can avoid roof problems like wood rot. Roof repairs should be done on a regular basis as we would not want to have leaks during the rainy season where it will be difficult for us to schedule these repairs. 

Also when roof problems are detected, it is best not to take any shortcuts. Most homeowners choose the short term solution rather that the long-term solution to minimize costs. Little do they know that in the long run, they will end up spending more as the problem may recur and the relief may only be temporary. So keep in mind that it is always best to be aware and do periodic check- ups for your roof and other parts of your home.

The color and style of a new roof are not the most important things when repairing the roof. Just like paint, it's not about being pretty, but paint is about protecting the wood you are home built from, and roofs are about keeping your home dry and comfortable.