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Although there are no laws which state a roofing contractor must be a member of any local or national industry association, there ae many that choose to do just that and for good reasons. A roofing company that maintains memberships in notable associations gains many benefits. Membership helps roofing services build community credibility and provide good service to their customers.

By maintaining important industry association memberships, contractors have access to important resources that can help them build a successful business.

Educational and Training Opportunities

One of the most significant ways that industry associations help a roofing company is by providing important educational opportunities. Good training and education gives a roofing contractor the ability to continually improve their skills and those of any employees which in turn provides the highest quality workmanship to all customers.

Association membership also allows roofers to attend industry conferences and trade shows, which frequently offer free training sessions.

Technical and Safety Information

As new materials and techniques are developed, those who are employed by roofing services can learn about them first, discuss them with fellow contractors, and receive training on their proper use. Keeping up with current and new safety regulations is also much easier for association members who stay active within their association.

Many associations are also affiliated with various safety programs where contractors and their employees can receive important safety training.

Business and Legal Advice

With association membership, a roofing company has access to business management and legal information that can help them run their business more smoothly. This may include access to business contracts, legal forms, employment and government rules and regulations, insurance information, and many other resources.

Business owners can also learn about branding, advertising, and other ways to grow their company within their community and gain many important industry contacts.

Group Business Benefits

Many industry associations offer their members important group benefits that they may not qualify for otherwise. These benefits may include group health insurance plans, professional and industry discounts, free advertising resources, social activities, and many other members-only benefits. Industry associations usually publish newsletters to keep members up-to-date on current industry and association events as well.

Roofer Licensing Programs

Many regional and national roofing associations also offer each roofing contractor an opportunity to become association approved and licensed. This can be very valuable in helping roofing services maintain the highest work quality standards while building company reputation within the community.

Roofers who pass workmanship and business requirements can proudly display this licensing on their websites and in print advertising so potential customers see these important qualifications.

While a roofing contractor may choose to go it alone with their business, there are many advantages to joining regional and national roofing industry associations. Yet the key to roofing services actually benefiting from these resources is active participation. A roofing company that uses the wealth of information and resources available to them with membership can readily grow as a business while providing superior and quality work!

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