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Hurricanes are one of the worst possible natural disasters anyone can experience in their lifetime, especially when they are so severe that they are make history. These destructive forces of nature often damage or destroy everything in their paths, including houses, buildings, and vehicles.

People often ask roofers: "Is there any way to protect myself and the roof over my home from hurricanes? Is there any amount of preparation I can do or ask roofer services to do in order to prepare for an impending hurricane?"

Fortunately, roofer services do say there are ways to help your home and roof survive the perils of extreme weather. In addition to hiring a roofer maintenance company to batten down the hatches, you can do some preparation yourself. Here are some things roofers indicate you can do to prepare your roof for a hurricane.

  • Clips And Straps - One thing roofers advise that can help mitigate hurricane damage to your roof is the use of clips or straps. They wrap around or be nailed to your roof’s trusses. These clips and straps hold down the trusses that are the support structure for your roof deck and shingles. This will offer protection when the wind tries to blow the roof upward. A local roofer maintenance company can install them for you..
  • Roof To Wall Connections - Roofer services can also fortify the connection between your roof and walls using clips, metal straps, toe nails, or anchor bolts. Toe nails are the weakest reinforcement and anchor bolts are the strongest. Roofers advise using the latter, which will of course depend on your home’s structure.
  • Roof Deck Attachments - You can better secure your roof deck to the trusses by using different kinds of fasteners like screws, 6D/8D nails, staples, and so on. If you don’t know where to position these fasteners, call a roofer maintenance company.
  • Brace End Gables - One of the most destructive ways that hurricanes affect roofs is by separating the gable ends from the house walls. Roofer services can brace your roof's gable ends by reinforcing them with metal or timber.
  • Call Your Insurance Company - One way to prepare your roof for a hurricane and lower your insurance premiums is to call your insurance company. Roofers advise that insurance companies may lower your premiums if you upgrade the roof for wind damage.

There are many ways in which you can help your roof weather the damage from hurricanes. Roofer services advise that these steps should be taken sooner rather than later, as it is best to prepared for extreme weather which can strike unexpectedly. Having roofers reinforce your roof to mitigate wind damage can lessen the need for repair by a roofer maintenance company later on!

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