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The gutters at the edge of your roof are an essential part of your entire installation. If gutters are missing or do not work well, you could need for roofers to come out and make roof repairs. To ensure your installation is well-protected, discuss the various styles and types of gutters with a local roofer services company. These roofers can quickly and easily install the right gutters so you get the most protection from them.

Rain Gutter Styles

Although all gutters may look similar from the ground, there are three different styles that are installed by roofer services as follows:

  • K-Style Gutters - Most homes today have k-style gutters, which are designed as a square channel with a flat back. The back is affixed to the fascia on the house. The front of the channel may be angled or pressed into a variety of shapes that look more appealing than flat metal.
  • Fascia Gutters - Fascia gutters are like k-style gutters with a longer back. Roofers use these on homes where there is no fascia installed under the rafters. The back of the gutter attaches higher under the edge of the roof and performs the duty of the fascia while catching rainwater at the same time.
  • Half-Round Gutters - Half-round gutters are simply channels shaped into a half-circle and not as common as the other styles. A roof company may suggest these on some European and classic style homes since they may look much more attractive than standard k-style gutters.

Rain Gutter Construction

All three gutter styles can be purchased as sections of varying length or as seamless sections that are trimmed to fit the required length. Sectional gutters are installed by roofers using clip-on connectors that join the sections together. Seamless gutters are cut to length during installation, then attached to the downspouts. While both designs work well, sectional gutters can leak and seamless gutters will not.

Rain Gutter Materials

Most rain gutters are constructed from metal that is pressed into the specific shape and style. The types of metal used include:

  • Aluminum - Aluminum is the material most commonly installed by roofer services as it is economical, lightweight, and quite resistant to corrosion.
  • Galvanized Steel and Galvalume - Gutters made from galvanized steel and galvalume or steel coated with aluminum are stronger than aluminum but have some notable disadvantages. Galvanized steel will corrode much faster than aluminum and galvalume, which should last as long as aluminum, is more expensive.
  • Zinc - Zinc lasts even longer than aluminum and fairly expensive at nearly twice the price. The main advantages of zinc is that it requires almost no maintenance or painting. It can last twice as long as aluminum.
  • Copper - Copper is somewhat corrosion-resistant, yet also very expensive. These types of gutters are popular with homeowners who are seeking a more stylish option than the other metals available. Half-round copper gutters installed by a roof company can look very attractive.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl gutters are the least expensive choice of all. They are easy to install, available in many colors, and can be purchased in sections. They may not be as durable as some metal varieties and are not available in a seamless style.

Which gutter should you have roofers install on your home? When properly installed by the right roofer services, all types should provide you with the same protection for your roof. Make your choice by discussing your budget and needs with a local roof company and considering the various qualities of each style, type, and material!

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