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The roof is the most important and strongest component of any home or building. It provides important structural support and covers your house; however, it is not indestructible. A roof collapse caused by damage that has not received appropriate roofer repair services can be devastating and extremely dangerous.

Your best protection is to learn the signs that a collapse could be around the corner and call a roofer contractor to come out and repair the damage. If you hire experienced roofers to repair your roof quickly, you can prevent a costly and dangerous collapse.

Exterior Signs

The most prominent sign that there is serious damage to your roof and a collapse may be imminent is sagging. Most collapses do not happen suddenly; it is instead a gradual result of ignored damage in need of roofer repair services. Sagging can also be caused by extremely heavy snow or damage to the exterior materials that has loosened the roof or caused the material to wear out, resulting in leaks.

Sagging can affect the decking, rafters, and support beams. Any amount of sagging that is visible from outside your home should be thoroughly investigated by an experienced roofer contractor.

Interior Signs Within the Attic

Even if you do not notice sagging from the outside, expert roofers point out that you may see more signs of an impending collapse inside the house. Sagging is also visible inside the attic.

In addition, you may see signs of leaks that have caused warping, weakening, and decomposition of the decking, structural beams, and rafters. Cracking, bowing, or rippling of the support system are another indication that there is a significant structural problem.

Interior Signs Outside the Attic

You may notice warning signs of an impending collapse outside of the attic space. New and spreading cracks in your ceiling or walls suggest there may be some kind of shift in the upper part of your home. Sprinkler heads of a fire system that have shifted also indicate unnatural movement in the structure and should be investigated by a roofer contractor.

Other signs roofers look for in determining if a structure could be in danger are doors and windows that suddenly do not open or close normally; the sound of cracking or popping more than occasionally, and any new drafts.

Uneven floors or floors that suddenly begin flexing under weight may also indicate major structural problems that need immediate roofer repair services to prevent a collapse. These and other symptoms that seem unnatural for your home or develop suddenly for seemingly no reason should all be carefully investigated.

A roof collapse is possibly the most serious and dangerous damage your home could suffer. If you know the warning signs that professional roofers look for, a roofer contractor can detect major structural problems before a collapse happens. When you hire roofer repair services to handle small issues as soon as they are discovered, you prevent them from turning into major concerns that could lead to a collapse!

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