Texas is no stranger to storms with strong winds, some of which cause wind damage to roofs.

While most roofs can withstand some blustery weather, there are times when it can be bad enough to warrant roof repair.

How do you know whether your roof is one of them?

Here are some of the top questions that roofing services receive about wind damage and whether or not repairs are needed.

1. How Does Wind Damage Happen?

Roofing becomes wind damaged when the wind is strong enough that it can lift or tear away the roofing material from the roof.

It happens when the installation is already displaying some sort of weakness such as age, poor installation technique, poor quality materials, or a pre-existing need for roof repair, any of which can allow strong winds to blow under the materials and lift them up.

When wind blows under the shingles or roofing panels, it can bend or break them, loosen the nails and break adhesives, or simply blow the roofing material right off.

2. What Are Some Signs of Wind Damage?

Wind damage that requires attention from a professional roofing service can usually be easily spotted if you know what to look for.

Bent, broken, torn, or missing shingles or panels are the prime symptom that wind damage has occurred, but there are others.

Missing or bent flashing, roof vents, or other damaged roofing components are another sign that your roof has sustained wind damage.

What is less noticeable are new leaks in the attic or signs of moisture that starts after a particularly windy storm.

Heavy debris on the roof like larger tree branches can also suggest there were some strong winds blowing and the roof could be damaged.

3. Should You Call A Roofer?

Generally, it is always best to call out an experienced roofer if you have any concerns that there may be wind damage.

Take some time to do a preliminary inspection of the roof looking for the signs mentioned above, including looking for evidence of damage in the attic.

Some wind damage will be very obvious and answer the question straight away.

Since the possibility of hidden damage is always a concern, having an inspection done is your best safeguard after a particularly blustery storm.

4. How Costly Will Wind Damage Repairs Be?

That depends on the extend of the wind damage.

A few missing shingles or a piece of flashing can be repaired fairly quickly and inexpensively by a roofing service, especially if you take care of it right away before additional damage can happen.

Widespread damage like entire sections of missing or damaged roofing or a large percentage of the shingles being loosened so the roof is no longer watertight will be a more extensive and expensive wind damage repair.

Also note that damage that is not found right away with a roofing inspection could pave the way for additional damage to happen over time, making a more significant repair necessary.

In a worst-case situation where there is severe damage, a whole new roof may be required.

5. What Is The Best Roofing For High Winds?

One great way to avoid most wind damage is by having a roofer install a product designed to withstand winds in excess of 150 mph.

Wind-resistant roofing can be more expensive than standard shingles; however, if you live in an area where hurricanes and other strong storms are prevalent, it could be worth the added expense.

Check the wind rating on any material you choose to install and always hire a reputable roofer to do a correct installation.

Get Prompt Help for Wind Damaged Roofs

Wind is one of those astonishing forces of Mother Nature that can cause a lot of damage, including severe roofing wind damage.

If you suspect that has happened, refer to these common questions about wind damage, then call a local roofer to come and take a look.

Rather than leave it to chance and face the potential of even more problems later, call a wind damage roofing service and get those repairs done right so you’re ready for the next storm!

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