Owning a home is a big responsibility, especially if you want it to look great while also holding or improving its value.

An often neglected part of that responsibility is getting the roof services your home may need because roofs are easy to ignore until the problem is a big one.

A redone bathroom or kitchen might be a more preferable way to spend the home improvement money you saved; however, will any of that matter if your roof is falling apart?

Here are some important reasons why making roof repair a home improvement priority makes sense and will benefit you more than new appliances will in the long run.

1. Spend Less on Roofing Repair and Replacement

Roofs are like anything else: the better maintained they are, the fewer issues you’ll have and will maybe not need to call a roofer.

Pay a little to make a small repair now to avoid paying a lot for a major repair later.

Roofing materials don’t last forever; keep your roof in great condition to get a full life or longer out of it before you need a roof replacement.

2. Save Money On Cooling and Heating

The roof is one of the biggest home elements that can either conserve or waste energy spent to cool and heat your home.

When your roof is well maintained and attic well ventilated, you’ll have lower energy bills throughout the year.

Damaged roofs, poor attic ventilation, and old worn-out non-protective roofing materials invite the heat in during summer and release it during winter.

3. Improve Curb Appeal

A beautiful house only looks as good as two things: its front yard and roof.

If you're selling and great curb appeal for those who drive by to attract attention, a clean and obviously well-maintained roof is a huge part of that equation.

Old, damaged roofs stick out like a sore thumb, bringing down the appearance of the entire house no matter how perfect everything else may be.

4. Improve Home Value

Whether or not you’re interested in selling in the near future, always be concerned with the current value of your home.

As markets rise and fall, there is one home improvement that consistently increases the street value of any home and that’s having a newer roof.

Even if yours isn’t brand new, regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh and prevent problems that can prematurely age it offers a much better return than an updated kitchen or bathroom might because the roof is the most essential part of the whole structure that a new purchase won't consider having to replace - kitchens re-dos are often immediately dumped when the purchase is complete.

5. Get the Most from Homeowners Policies

Your homeowner’s policy will pay when your roof suffers certain covered damage that might not be covered by a warranty, like hail or wind damage.

What is disappointing is when an adjuster finds damage that was caused by lack of maintenance or failure to do timely roof repair, instead leaving that damage to worsen and become more extensive.

Rather than deal with the potential of having a roof repair claim denied and looking at having replace the roof yourself, just pay for appropriate roof care now so that actual new damage is covered.

Your Roof Is A Top Home Improvement Priority

The roof over your house is its most important and expensive component.

Though it’s easy to ignore this part of the house since it’s outside out of view and you want to put home improvement funds into something more immediately appreciable, don’t do it at the expense of your roof.

Do regular maintenance and if you necessary, call a roof company to take care of repairs while they’re small concerns, not huge issues.

No roof, no house - it’s a pretty simple concept.

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