The most important part of having any kind of roofing work done, whether just repairs or a whole new roof, is finding the right roofing contractor to do it.

There are plenty of roofers out there to choose from, so finding the best one for your needs can be a bit of a challenge.

When you need repairs done or it is time to install that new roof, use these tips to find the right contractor who will do an excellent job on your home!

1. Referrals and Reviews

Start off by finding local roofing contractors to research online and reading the reviews left by customers who have already hired them.

Find a few that seem good to you and ask those services for local referrals to contact.

You can also ask friends and family about roofers they have had good dealings with when compiling your list of candidates.

2. Local Business Reputation and Qualifications

Research the business reputation of any roofers you are considering by checking with the Better Business Bureau about complaints against them.

You also can get a sense of a contractor’s local reputation by taking to referrals.

Additionally, find out what kind of manufacturer qualifications or certificates the contractor has to install that manufacturer’s products, as some roof materials must be installed using methods outlined by the maker for the warranty to be valid.

3. Required Licensing and Insurance

Before having any roof work done or even an inspection, ensure that a contractor has any locally required licensing and that they are current.

Be sure to request proof of liability and worker's compensation insurance to be safe before anyone goes on your roof.

Do not forget to make sure your home liability coverage is up to date, just in case.

4. Inspections and Work Estimates

Once you have decided on a few roofing contractors to get estimates from, inquire about what type of inspection they will do to assess your roof, and whether they will also assess your attic to determine whether there is enough ventilation.

Schedule an inspection of your roof and ask for a detailed written work estimate that documents all work to be performed, all individual fees and costs, and includes any work being subcontracted, clean up and disposal procedure and fees, and all other details.

5. Materials and Methods

While discussing the work to be performed, talk about the quality of the materials being used and the methods that will be used to install them.

Double-check that the roofer is approved to install those specific materials, as this can affect your materials warranty.

Discuss the type and style of shingles, underlayment quality, installing ice barriers if necessary, and repairing or installing gutters, soffit, and fascia as needed to ensure a correct roofing job.

6. Warranties and Workmanship

After the roof estimate is written, ask the contractor to thoroughly explain all warranties being offered with the job, including workmanship warranties and manufacturer materials warranties and whether any additional coverage is available.

Also have them explain what is required to keep all warranties active such as specific maintenance that must be performed, and what things would void them, like failing to provide that maintenance.

7. Transparency and Communication

Above all, make sure the chosen roofing contractor communicates well, is available to answer questions, and seems interested in making sure that you understand everything involved with the project.

Transparency and honesty are a must, so make sure they provide different options, include you in all decisions, and overall are helpful with recommendations, explanations, and anything else that is needed.

Get A Great New Roof with A Great Roofing Contractor

Roofing is a detailed process that demands skill, experience, and care from the roofers doing it to ensure a quality job.

Before choosing the first name that shows up on your search list, use these suggestions to screen local roofing contractors to find the best ones to consider for your new roof or roofing repairs.

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