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When your roof has aged or been damaged enough to need extensive roofing repair, it is probably time for a roofing replacement. To ensure you receive the highest quality installation, your roofing company may well follow a step-by-step process that addresses removal of the old roof and installation of the new one. Knowledge of the whole process can be helpful and give you a good understanding of what your contractor is doing and why.

Step 1 - Prepare the House

A roofing replacement can be a messy job. To reduce this mess and protect your home, the roofing company may apply tarps and covers over the siding to prevent damage while the work is being performed. They will also cover any exposed parts of the roof in the event of bad weather to protect it until the work is completed.

Step 2 - Remove Old Materials

Your roofing repair company will completely remove all the old shingles, flashing, underlayment, and other trim pieces or components. The tear-off should leave only the decking since everything else will be replaced to protect your home with new, high-quality materials. A complete tear-off will also reveal any unknown damage that was hidden under the layers of material.

Step 3 - Inspect Roof Structure

Once all material has been removed, your roofing company will do a careful inspection of the decking and structural framework to look for damage or other problems needing attention. Any components that are soft, rotting, or show evidence of damage will be repaired or replaced at this stage so the entire structure is sound new material is added.

Step 4 - Prepare For Shingle Installation

After the decking and framework are inspected and any needed repairs made, your roofing repair company will install the protective underlayment on top of the decking as well as an ice and water shield layer along the bottom of the roof and around all penetrations. They will also install drip edges around the outer edges of the roof at this stage, as that must be attached between the shingles and decking.

Step 5 - Install New Shingles

At this point, your roofing replacement is nearly complete with only the new shingles and trim to be added. Starting from the bottom edges of the decking and working upward, the shingles will be nailed on in overlapping layers and trimmed to fit around any protrusions. The final row of shingles covers the ridge vent at the top to prevent water from dripping inside.  

Step 6 - Install Additional Components

When all shingles are installed and the roof is completely covered, the last step is to install new flashing, vent boots, and other seals. These are installed around any vents, chimneys, or other protrusions that pass through the decking and shingles to prevent water from seeping in around the edges. High-quality, well-sealed flashing is essential so that the structure stays dry and protected.

Step 7 - Clean Up  

The last part of any new installation is a final inspection by the contractor, then site cleanup will begin. Every good roofing company will clean up all debris generated throughout the job and haul it away. You should always be left with property that looks the same as it did originally, other than a new roof.

These are the basic steps every roofing repair company should take when putting a new roof on your house. Although completion time for roofing replacement may vary from the estimate depending on any extra repairs needed or other unexpected conditions, the process itself will always remain the same!

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