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Skylights are great additions to homes that need a little more daylight inside. Unfortunately, they are also a common source of damaging leaks that make roof repair necessary. Sometimes these leaks may be present long before they are ever noticed, resulting in a need for more intensive roof services.

If your home has skylights, it is important to pay attention and watch for signs of leaking. Early detection and some simple repairs by a roof company can keep your skylight from causing extensive damage to both your roof and your home.

Is It Really A Leak?

If you see evidence of moisture damage around your skylight, take a closer look before you call for roof repair right away. Skylights in humid locations can collect condensation on the inside of the glass, causing water to drip off the glass or wetness to accumulate on surrounding walls and ceilings. You can remedy condensation issues by lowering the humidity in the room or increasing ventilation.

When condensation is not the problem and the leak seems to be coming from around the skylight frame, the next place a roof company recommends to check is on the roof. Most skylight leaks occur when there is missing or damaged flashing around the frame, allowing moisture to get under the shingles.

Skylights that open may also leak if the rubber seals around the glass are old, dry rotted, and no longer sealing well. These issues should be repaired by professional roof services as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Repairing A Leaky Skylight

The main goal when repairing a leaky skylight is to make it watertight again. Skylights and other roof penetrations require additional attention to keep them properly sealed against the shingles to prevent water from seeping through.

Roof services will first determine where the water is entering and the extent of damage. Rotted rubber seals can be easily replaced; however, flashing leaks may require more extensive roof repair. Minor leaks caused by cracks or holes in sealant or flashing as well as flashing separating from the shingles can perhaps be patched by applying more roofing cement or silicone caulking. If there is damage under the shingles, more advanced repairs by a roof company may be necessary.

When there is other minimal damage present and leaking stems from problems with the flashing, just remove the old flashing and sealant, clean away dirt and debris from under the surrounding shingles, and reseal everything. Install new flashing around the skylight and seal it with roofing cement to create a new waterproof barrier.

When your skylight begins to leak, you need roof repair as soon as possible. Some minor issues such as loose or damaged flashing can be easily repaired using little more than roofing cement. More extensive problems that entail repairs to the shingles or layers beneath should be handled by professional roof services. Keep your skylight leak-free with the help of an experienced roof company!

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