There are a lot of benefits to choosing a metal roof for a home or commercial building, as metal roofs are super strong, very durable, and energy-efficient.

Despite those many advantages, many people decide against it because they believe that installing a roof by a metal roofer might interfere with cell signals, thus reducing cell phone and/or internet service.

While this may be true to a certain extent, it’s not a reason to avoid having a metal roofing service install metal on your structure.

There are workarounds to ensure your cell signal is clear as day, even under a metal roof.

What Things Interfere With Cell Signals?

Cell signals are magnetic radio frequencies that pass from cell towers to the devices that use them to create a cellular connection.

These radio waves can be weakened by certain things, from a weak signal right from the tower to geographic location and topography in relation to towers to certain common building materials.

Metal roofer companies find that some homes or buildings, including a few with metal roofs, may experience weak or spotty signals when the tower signal cannot reach a device directly and the signal ends up bouncing off things before it does.

This can happen in buildings made with brick, stone, metal, or even wood plus windows with energy-saving glass can also block a good cell signal and create dead spots within a building.

Weather can also interfere with cell signals.

Can A Metal Roof Interfere With Cell Signals?

Although the answer to this question technically is yes, metal roofers are quick to point out that in most cases, a weak signal is caused by a lot more than just a metal roof.

It is usually a combination of factors, including:

  • Location of the building.
  • Distance from the nearest tower.
  • How hilly the land is.
  • Weather
  • Building materials

So while a metal roof may contribute somewhat, in most cases it’s actually other things causing the biggest problems that could combine to create a weaker signal.

How To Avoid Cell Interference with A Metal Roof

When you want to take advantage of the great benefits of having a metal roof company put on a metal roof but don’t want to fuss with cell signal issues, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent them.

The best way to avoid signal problems is to subscribe to wireless service for your phones and internet, as wireless is much more reliable, across the board.

Save the cellular for when you’re outside and on the go.

If you do need to rely on a cellular signal inside your home or building, many metal roofing companies recommend that you install either a cell signal booster or a repeater system in the building.

Boosters and repeaters are both composed of an antenna installed on the roof and a receiver or amplifier inside the building.

The repeater sends cell signals throughout the structure from its receiver, while the booster must be physically connected to a device to feed signals.

In either case, they alleviate the problem of weak or non-existent signals in buildings constructed in such ways that the signals can’t pass through.

Metal Roofs and Cell Phone Can Be Compatible!

Being connected is more important today than ever before, so it makes sense that you’d want to avoid anything that can affect that connectivity.

Fortunately, as your metal roof company can explain in more depth, there is no reason for you to forego that beneficial metal roof for fear of affecting your signal.

It’s unlikely that your service will be interrupted but if it is, there are reliable workarounds so you can have your metal roofing and your cell signal, too!

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