You’re going about daily life normally until one day, you notice a water stain that has suddenly appeared on your ceiling. You try to paint over it but it simply keeps on reappearing. You ignore the problem as long as you can; however, you can't quite ignore the nagging in the back of your mind that you could be facing bigger roof structural problems if you don’t take care of the issue soon.

How Do You Find Roof Leaks?

Tracing the problem behind a leak in your roof is hard enough; sometimes what you think is the problem is actually only a symptom of a much bigger issue. You can take a look yourself; however, unless you are experienced and knowledgeable in roofing systems, it’s best to leave the inspections and roof repair to roof services.

So how can these contractors find the source of the leak in your roof if your home does not have an attic? Fortunately, even though it can be more difficult to do it this way, experienced roof service professionals can find leaks in roofs even without an attic or crawlspace. Here’s how they usually do it.

Checking The Ceiling For Water Stains

Naturally, one of the most obvious ways that a leak in the roof manifests itself is through water stains that show up on your ceiling. Yes, those nasty brown spots that can sometimes start small and then grow bigger and bigger are indeed signs that you are in need of roof repair.

A ceiling water stain is typically a good indication of where the water is dropping from, which can then allow roof services to trace it back to its origin. Sometimes this is easy; sometimes it’s a bit harder.

Checking The Roof Itself

The external appearance of roofs often can give a clue as to why they may be leaking. Roof services will usually look at your house covering to try and find any damage or perhaps any loose flashing. If they find any, there may be rain water or water from melting snow seeping in and staining your ceiling.

They may also notice some missing or broken shingles that are often sources of roof leaks. Even shingles that are beginning to lift up are potential causes for leaks. Roof companies will also make sure that there are no openings on the seals around any roof extensions.

Roofers will also check for any black stains that are on the top of your roof that would be signs of mold or fungi. If they find any of these causes, then they will advise that you need roof repair.

Although it might be tempting to cover up water stains with paint and catch any dripping water with a bucket, you may want to sell your property one day. If you want to avoid any structural damage that can significantly lower the value of your roof and home, it’s a good idea to get roof repair done right away. Just be sure to hire established roof services and that leak should be gone!

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