Clay tile roofs tile roofsare some of the most beautiful and characteristic roofing for any home or building.

When expertly installed by professional tile roofers, this style looks classic while also providing thermal-efficiency in hotter climates.

If you have a tile roof or are thinking about having tile roofing contractors install one, knowing how to take care of it will ensure you get a full lifetime out of yours!

1. Regular Tile Roofing Inspections

The first step in taking care of clay tile roofs is scheduling inspections every few years to ensure everything is still in good condition and there are no problems or damage that require attention.

Because tile roofs are a sort of specialty in the realm of roofing, it is best to have experienced tile roofers do the inspection since they will know what issues to look for with this type of roof.

2. Periodic Cleaning of Tile Roofs

Clay tiles are porous, making them an easy target for dirt and grime as well as for algae and moss to start growing.

To prevent that from happening and keep your tiles looking their best, periodic cleaning by tile roofing contractors is recommended.

Although this can be done with a pressure washer and a mild detergent, too much pressure or walking on the tiles can break them, so it is best to have a professional do it.

3. Periodic Tile Roof Sealing or Painting

While it’s not required, sealing clay tile roofs will make it easier to keep them clean and provide some protection from the elements.

Similarly, they can also be painted to add some style to this classic type of roofing.

In either case, these protective coatings wear out over time and must be reapplied periodically to keep the installation looking beautiful and fully protected against the elements and vegetative growth.

4. Tend to Broken Tiles

As durable as they may be, clay tiles do chip and break occasionally as time goes on.

It’s important that you have any damage like that repaired by a tile roofing contractor as quickly as possible to prevent leaks or shifting of the other tiles if one falls off.

Chips and broken or missing tiles also detract from the overall beauty of the roof.

5. Stretching Tile Repairs

A problem that clay tile roofs can exhibit over time is “stretching tile,” a condition caused by a poor installation.

Clay tile must be layered precisely, with at least three inches of overlap with a new panel so there are no leaks as the tile settles over time.

When there is not enough overlay, the roof may start leaking as tiles settle and stretch away from each other.

Unfortunately, the repair for this is removing all the tiles and resetting them correctly.

You can avoid this problem altogether by hiring a tile roofer with experience.

Keep Clay Tile Roofs At Their Best with Good Care

A clay tile roof is one of the more appealing and beautiful roofs to install on any home or smaller building where looks and character count.

These roofs need some special care provided by experienced tile roofers to keep them in great shape and looking good.

If there is a tile roof in your future or you already have one, a professional tile roofing contractor is the roofer to call to handle installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of this special roof!

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