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When storm season arrives, the only thing protecting you and your home from the wind and rain is your roof. The question is, will it survive or will you need roof repair? Depending on specific details about your structure, roof services can estimate just how durable your roof should be and what you can do to improve its strength. Before suffering any storm damage, work with an experienced roof company to ensure your installation is as strong as possible.

Home Architecture Matters

Any roof company will tell you that other than hail, wind is the most damaging part of most storms. Wind can peel off shingles or even the entire top of a house if it is strong enough. The flatter the top of the building, the lower its chances are of being damaged by wind. Yet while apartment buildings and commercial buildings may benefit from having a flat roof, most houses usually have pitched roofs.

With regard to pitched architecture, experienced roof services understand that the larger and taller the angle, the more susceptible your home is to wind damage that could require roof repair. For example, a gambrel design with four or more smaller and shorter angles is more wind-resistant than a gable design, which has only two larger and longer pitches. Based on this important factor, your roof must be appropriately attached and braced to increase its resistance to high winds.

Some Systems Are More Durable Than Others

In addition to your home’s architecture, the type of installation and the materials used also affect durability when there is a storm. Asphalt shingles are some of the most popular materials used by roof services today. Yet they are also the most easily blown off in extreme winds.

Other types of shingles like wood, tile, and even slate can also blow off if the wind gets under the shingles due to poor installation or loosening over time. Metal systems are the most durable in severe storms since most are wind-rated to withstand Category 4 hurricane force winds when properly installed.

Keeping the Roof On

The main factor in helping ensure your roof is as strong as it can be and will not require roof repair after a storm is the way your roof company installs it. Metal installations must be carefully sealed at the ends to prevent wind from getting up underneath the panels and blowing them off.

Wind-resistant shingles must be installed using special adhesives and nailing patterns to keep them flat so wind cannot peel them up. Additionally, roofs on houses with long, tall pitches should be supported with extra trusses and bracing, perhaps even wind straps that attach the framework to the walls more securely.

Is your roof durable enough to stay on during storm season without suffering damage that requires roof repair? The best way to find out is to have a roof company inspect your roof to determine whether it is susceptible to wind damage and needs additional support. Experienced roof services understand the power of storm winds and know what can be done to help keep your roof on!

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