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The holiday season has officially arrived and people are getting into the holiday spirit like so many do towards the end of the year. Gift shopping and decorating have begun. Trees are up, wreaths have been hung, and the lights are sparkling in many homes. Lights and décor, especially those placed on or along the roof, are still popular and why not? They look fantastic and display a love for the holidays. Yet many people who put decorations on their roofs find themselves in need of roof services because they have done it wrong.

Don’t put yourself in the same situation. If you have not yet done your decorating but plan to do so soon, you might want to read ahead to learn how you can decorate your roof without causing any damage that requires attention from a residential roof company.


Before you climb a ladder to do anything including hanging lights, make sure the proper roof maintenance has been done for the year. Next check to see if the light wiring is properly wrapped and everything is not tangled or knotted. This makes it easier for you to put the lights up and makes it safer as well since you will have to spend less time at the top of the ladder trying to wrangle the wires into position.

No tangles in the lights mean no wires getting into crevices and cracks. Properly wrapped wires mean less of a chance of electrical sparks and any other issues that may cause problems with your roof and home in general. Another important thing to remember when hanging lights is to never attach them directly to shingles as this can sometimes cause damage.

One thing residential roof companies often notice when they are called to make repairs to damage caused by improper holiday decorating is that some people have put holes in their roofs or shingles in order to hang holiday lights. By no means should you ever do this since it could put your roof at risk for other damage.

Other Decorations

If you are going to put other kinds of decorations on your roof, make sure you are careful, especially if the items are heavy. As referenced earlier, any roof maintenance that must be done should be taken care of before you attempt to put anything on top of your roof. Always ensure the roof is able to hold the weight of the décor without suffering damage.

It is even better if you can avoid putting things on your roof altogether since this means less of a chance that you will cause damage to your roof. This also means fewer chances of needing roof services for repairs.

Decorating your roof and home for the holidays can be safe for both you and your roofing structure. Prevent damage by safely putting up your decorations where they belong. If you follow the tips above, you should not need to call a residential roof company to help you with repairs for the damage your décor has caused. After the holidays, remember to be safe when you take everything down as well!

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