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Although it may seem totally unrelated, the ventilation in your attic space is critical to the health and longevity of your roof. Without proper air circulation, roofs can suffer extensive damage. So, how can you ensure your attic is properly ventilated and will protect your structure?

First, always schedule any necessary roof services with an experienced roof company that understands the importance of adequate ventilation. Then watch for problems that may indicate your attic needs more air circulation.

Why Is Ventilation So Important to Your Roof?

The attic is one of the hottest places in your house, whether it is summer or winter. While insulation helps to keep heat in the home in cold weather, the attic can get very hot and stuffy. If there is no escape for all of this hot air, it can heat the underside of a shingled roof and cause extensive damage.

Lack of ventilation also causes condensation on the inside of the attic. This commonly results in rotting of the rafters, trusses, and decking, which weakens the entire roof structure. Moisture in the attic also promotes the growth of mold and bacteria, both of which can circulate in your home and reduce your indoor air quality and increase sickness among your family.

Poor ventilation can also result in elevated energy costs. So it is essential to have your attic inspected by an experienced roof company to ensure that hot air is properly escaping from your attic and not causing any serious problems.

Signs Your Attic Needs More Ventilation

The most obvious sign looked for by companies who provide roof services that indicates ventilation problems in your attic is condensation or other evidence of moisture. Your insulation or rafters may be damp or there may be water stains where condensation has dripped even though there are no detectable leaks.

Other symptoms that can be seen on the outside of the roof include lifting, buckling, blistering, and other shingle damage. There may also be ice damming as well as any resulting leaks and other damages that shorten the life of your installation.

How to Add More Attic Ventilation

When a roof company determines that attic ventilation is insufficient and your home and roof are at risk, there are a number of ways to correct it. Depending on the architecture of your home and the vents that are already present, roofers usually begin by installing more vents. Additional soffit, gable, ridge, and roof vents may be enough to remedy the problem and protect your roof from the damage caused when attic spaces become overheated.

If vents are not enough or are not functioning efficiently, roof services can also install turbine and electric vents. These work by drawing the hot air out of the attic, allowing cooler air to flow in from the soffit and gable vents. Once there are more ways for hot air to escape and cooler air to get in, attic temperatures go down and condensation ceases.

All roofs require proper care to ensure a long service life. Your roof requires proper ventilation to prevent the problems that can cause serious damage to your home. If you see condensation, mold, or problems with your shingles, have a roof company check both your roof and your attic. If the problems are attributed to poor ventilation, roof services can install additional vents to keep air flowing. Your attic will stay cool and dry and your shingles will last their full service life!

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