Often when something breaks down or is on the verge of breaking down, there are signs. For a car it may be a sound it doesn’t normally make or the check engine light, for electronics the device may be freezing or refusing to turn on. Your refrigerator or air conditioning unit will not cool sufficiently if they are experiencing problems.

Just like anything in your home, your roof will also show signs of wear and symptoms of issues if there are any. Do you listen when your roof is talking to you and saying that it’s in need of a bit of roof maintenance? Do you know when to call a roof company to help get things fixed so that your roof will be able to protect your home?

If you aren’t quite aware of the signs that your roof is in need of a little TLC, here are some signs that your home's primary defense from the elements may be telling you to say that it needs roof services to come to its aid.

Roof Tiles Are Misaligned

If your roof is tiled and the tiles aren’t all quite in good shape like when some of them are misaligned, then it may just be time to call a roof company to come and take a look. There is a chance that your roof will take damage and begin leaking, causing further problems down the line. Avoid this by making sure your roof gets regular roof maintenance.

Granules Coming Loose and Gathering in Gutters

If you have asphalt shingles for your roofing system, it’s important to note that they have a layer of granules over the top of them that serve different purposes. The most important job they have is to reflect harsh UV rays, allowing your shingles to last longer. The other thing they do is help make your roof more resistant to fire.

These granules do shed now and then; however, if you find that there are a lot of loose granules gathering in your gutters or near your downspouts, you may need to call roof services as this may mean your roof is nearing the end of its serviceable life. Call a roof company for an inspection to find out for sure.

Stains and Streaks

While stains and streaks may not exactly be a sign of a deeper problem and in fact may just be aesthetic in some cases, it’s still good to call a roof company for an inspection just to be sure. Roofs can grow mold/mildew if the conditions are right. Apart from not looking good, it may be doing damage to your roof, damage that can worsen if the situation is ignored.

It may be time to call roof services if you see the appearance of mold and mildew so you can avoid bigger problems in the long run. Don’t neglect the importance of regular roof maintenance as well in order to avoid the growth of mold and mildew to begin with.

 If the covering over the top of  your house is showing signs of damage, wear, or age, it may be time to call a roof company for an inspection. Roof services will let you know whether all you need is a routine roof maintenance, repair, or a full replacement. Just be sure to listen when your roof is talking to you!

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