So you just hired a roofing company to install a new roof on your home or commercial building and that structure will be protected from the elements for the next two decades or more - and things are looking good.

Do you know what happens next?

While you may not have to worry about that new roof for years to come, that’s only partially true.

Even new roofs require at least some amount of roof maintenance to ensure they continue to perform well and last their full expected lifetime.

Follow these simple tips to keep that brand new roof properly maintained so you get your money’s worth from your investment!

Roofing Maintenance Is Critical

As perfect as that brand newly installed roof may look today, it starts aging the minute it’s finished and exposed to the elements.

Roofs withstand a lot of extremes that gradually wear them out and break them down.

The only way to slow this process from day one is have a good roofing maintenance program and keep records of all work performed.

Inspection, prevention, and repairs when required are what will protect your roof and insure that it lasts as long as it’s meant to.

Perform Regular Roofing Inspections

A highly important part of roof maintenance and what is most overlooked is hiring a roofing company to perform routine inspections.

Right from the start, it’s critical to keep an eye on the roof to be sure that there are no problems with the workmanship that appear over time, problems with the materials, or unexpected damage.

Any of these concerns if undetected could result in considerable damage to your new roof and might not be covered by warranties or insurance if not detected and remedied when they first occur.

In addition, a routine roofing inspection every year will allow your roofer to detect any developing problems and take care of them before they cause more deterioration to the roof.

You may also want to bring your roofer out to do an extra inspection after a bad storm like a hurricane or hailstorm to look for storm damage.

This type of damage can occur to any roof at any time, even if it’s brand new.

Keep It Clean at All Times

Another part of new roofing maintenance is to keep it clean and clear of debris.

Clean the gutters religiously every spring and fall, then check frequently for leaves, branches, and other debris that may be laying on top as there should be nothing on your roof.

If your roof is prone to grow moss, mold, or algae, have your roof company come out and do a professional cleaning periodically, as that kind of growth can gradually deteriorate a roof.

Establish A Maintenance Plan With Your Roofing Company

Your newly installed roof is a big investment in the protection and value of your home or commercial building, so be sure to keep in mind that roofs need maintenance right from the start to prevent unnecessary damage over time.

Create a plan with your roofing company once the roof is installed and work together to get a long, full service life from with few problems!

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