In most of the developed countries, concrete tiles are the popular roofing material. This is because of the natural properties and also the technical advances. Another variety of roofing is the Terracotta roofing

The benefits of concrete roofing are discussed below.

· Long-lasting: The concrete roofing are long-lasting and it has approximately 20 years of warranty against damages and defects. Concrete roof tiles look beautiful as well and can withstand the hardwearing roof of the buildings. Since they are built from hard concrete, they are generally strong and hence they can withstand any climatic conditions.

· Colorful tiles: Modern concrete roof tiles are available in numerous colors. They are made from mixtures of concrete, sands, and color pigments. Therefore, the color can be chosen as per the needs of the house or building.

· Inner comfort: Applying concrete roof tiles will provide good conditions for living in the interior of the house. There is an additional coating called sarking which helps to keep the room cool and maintains the thermal performance of the building.

· Best for coastal areas: Nowadays there are lots of building being built in the coasts. There is a problem that affects the roof because of the salt that spreads from the coast. Using concrete roof tiles will make the roof salt safe.

· Sound performance: Using concrete roof tiles will keep the house more quiet and brings peace to the building. The noise from traffic, heavy instruments do not disturb the people living inside the house.

· Resistance against fire: The concrete roof tiles are non-combustible and hence do not catch fire easily. This is mainly useful when there are homes near the bushfire prone regions. 

· Low maintenance costs: The maintenance of concrete roof tiles are very less because it can be considered as an one time investment. It can last for more than 20 years. Moreover, if there is a damage present, it is easy to replace the particular tile instead of replacing the entire coating. This proves to be cost-effective and less time-consuming.

· Rainwater safety: There are some roof tiles that leak water once there is heavy rain, But concrete roof tiles can manage enormous rainfall and never let any drops pass through them. The reason is that the concrete tiles are non-toxic.

· Tank safety: These tiles also provide tank safety because the tiles are not made up of any hazardous chemicals or substances. It is made of only natural materials.

· Durability: As said before, it can withstand strong weather conditions like storm, rain, cyclone, tornados, and so on.

· Attractive: The design of concrete tiles are attractive that the exterior of house look cool than the normal one. The use of this concrete tiles has an immediate effect in the interior of the house.

Though concrete roof tiles are new to the market, they are gaining increased attention because of the mentioned benefits. And also they are available at cheaper rates and the labour required for applying these roof tiles is easy and cheap.