As out of sight as the top of a house or building may be, the roof should not be out of mind.

Roofing is one of the most costly features of any building and to get a full life out of it, maintenance is necessary.

Fortunately, it is easier to do than you might think.

Take care of your roof by practicing these easy roofer recommendations to avoid paying for a new one too soon!

1. Clean Those Gutters

Cleaning gutters is the most detested of all roof maintenance tasks, but also the easiest to take care of.

Whether you hire someone to do it or do it on your own, gutter cleaning twice a year in the spring and fall can prevent major damage to roofing installation due to soaking up the water collecting in clogged gutters.

2. Trim The Trees

Tree branches that sway in the breeze may look nice, but they can damage your roofing.

When branches start to touch the house, call out a tree specialist to trim them back at least 6 feet so they don’t scrape and break the shingles.

Worse yet, branches that hang over the roof can break off during a storm and pierce right through it, leaving you with a large repair bill.

3. Keep It Clean

A clean roof is a healthy roof, especially when moss, mold, and pests are concerned.

All three can slowly damage the installation, shortening its life.

Call a roofer out to do a periodic cleaning if your roof has anything growing on it or living in it.

4. Look For Leaks Underneath

Roof leaks are hard to spot, but it is important to look for them every so often.

The best place to look for evidence that there is a leak somewhere is in the attic space, where it is possible to view the rafters and trusses, and the underside of the decking.

Look for water stains, wood rot, damp or water-damaged insulation or stored items, and other signs that water is getting in. If you find any, get a roofer to repair it right away.

5. Check For Damage Outside

Do frequent visual inspections of your roofing to look for obvious damage, especially after bad weather.

Look for broken or missing panels or shingles, areas where the roofing is lifting up, bent or missing flashing, areas of asphalt gravel wearing off the shingles, and other things that don’t look right.

The faster these concerns are dealt with, the less long-term roof damage will occur.

6. Check Insulation and Ventilation

Good insulation and ventilation are two critical components that make up a healthy shingled roof.

Without either, it is very possible to end up with not just elevated utility costs, but also various types of heat damage to the roofing materials.

Get an experienced roofer to test for adequate ventilation and make modifications if necessary.

If the insulation is old, or not enough, consider improving that as well.

7. Get Regular Inspections

Though keeping a watchful eye on things throughout the year will keep you alert to roofing problems as they arise, there is no substitution for a well-trained, experienced eye.

An inspection every one to two years by a professional roofer is recommended for keeping up with those potential problems that homeowners may not detect on their own.

Extend Your Roof Life With Better Care

A roof is the most important and expensive structural component of any home or building.

Protect yours and ensure a long, trouble-free service life by taking good care of it.

With a little effort and occasional visits from a reputable roofer, yours will last as long as it should!

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