A house is a place where everyone feels safe and most people do all they can to ensure they have got a place to shelter and rest when they are exhausted. It is therefore imperative to ensure you get the best architect when you plan to build a house. When discussing that, the roofing of your house is an imperative thing to do and the type of roofing material you use will aid you a lot. It is therefore imperative to ensure that you do a good research and get to establish the advantages and disadvantages of various types of roofs.

Shingles, metal, wood shakes, slate roofing, clay among others are some of the materials that are widely used on the housing of roof owners. There are varying reasons why specific home owners go for specific roof coverings .There are different types of roofs we find ourselves going for depending on our geographical location. Shingles, for example, are preferred because they are very easy to install and affordable too. They can be found in varying textures, sizes and colors. Slate roofing is preferred since they do not rot ensuring they last for a longer time. They may be expensive and hard to find but they definitely are worth the price and struggle. Clay on the other side is mostly used in places where there are a lot of insects and mould. It lasts for a very long time and is very good in case a fire occurs. It however needs a lot of maintenance since it will easily get destroyed.Finally; we have the metal type of roof which is most preferred due to its fire resistant characteristics. It is rarely used especially in cold places for metals become cold easily.

Having discussed the types of roofs, we are going to discuss the varying types of roofing shingles in details.

Asphalt shingles

They are mainly used today and it has proved to be the most preferred among the others. They are made from organic and inorganic base. Shingles differ and the thicker the shingle the better it is since it lasts longer. They are mostly used of tar or cement since they have three overlapping tabs.

Laminated shingles:

They look like slate or cedar making it light in weight and they are cost effective too. There are rounded tabs on the shingles giving it a unique look and a very attractive one. When used, the roof assumes three dimensional look.

Slate roofing:

It was very popular some years back for its manufacturing was done locally using sedimentary rock deposits. It is a material known to last for a very long time.Today; they are still used but very expensive. If you consider having this, calling out a professional who has done it before is the best thing one can do. They are known to last for between 200 to 150 years if they are correctly installed. However, a lot of care is needed when dealing with them for they break easily.