Flashing is possibly the least noticeable, yet most important component of any roofing system other than the main roofing materials itself.

It is also probably the most troublesome component that is responsible for the greatest number of small roof leaks that turn into big problems.

To prevent leaks and other concerns, you need to pay attention to the flashing on your roof and call a roofer at the first sign of problems.

Check Flashing Regularly

Though it might seem easy to look up at the roof and quickly determine that there are no missing or broken shingles or no other obvious damage, be sure to slow down enough to look at the flashing - and there is a lot of it!

You can find flashing around every roof protrusion like exhaust pipes and roof vents, around the bases of chimneys, and set into corners and joints, protecting exposed ends of the roofing materials from the elements.

Pay close attention to these trim pieces, as just one missing bolt or broken seal could end up being responsible for a leak that goes unnoticed for years until the damage is far greater than the initial leak ever was.

Make a point to check the flashing after every storm or any other time the roof is inspected, cleaned, or repaired, as it can be easily blown off.

Maintain Flashing Carefully

Since flashing can be damaged easily if it is not bolted down tightly, maintenance is important, too.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or have a roofer do it during a close-up inspection, it is important to check the flashing every so often to make sure it is still firmly attached.

Protrusions with sealant or caulk should also be closely inspected and any cracked or dry-rotted sealant replaced to maintain water tightness.

Tighten screws, nail down any lifted nail heads, and do whatever is necessary to keep the flashing tight on your roof and prevent water from seeping behind it.

Make Repairs When Necessary

The most important detail to remember about the flashing on your roof is that it can become damaged easily by wind, heavy rains, and even things striking the roof.

When it does, it is critical to call a roofer to replace the damaged pieces with new, straight ones that will maintain a good seal.

Bent flashing that no longer stay flush with the roofing material is a leak, and other associated damage, waiting to happen.

It is also more easily caught by the wind and ripped off the house altogether.

Getting damaged flashing replaced immediately is the best recommendation.

Flashing Is A Crucial Component of Every Roofing System

Keeping your roof free of leaks and the devastating damage that can happen from hidden leaks involves more than just monitoring the shingles.

Flashing is a critical roofing component that does a lot more than it might seem to.

To prevent problems with the flashing that could result in a need for costly roofer repairs, put it at the top of your roof maintenance list.

Observe the flashing on the roof regularly, have a roofer check it periodically to ensure that it stays tight, and if it should become damaged, get it repaired right away.

By keeping up with the flashing, you are much less likely to end up surprised by roofing damage that you had no idea was there!

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