When the storm has passed and you find yourself in need of roof repairs, be careful when choosing a contractor.

It may seem convenient to call the number on that flyer that just happened to show up on your door a day or two afterward; however, you might want to think twice.

Rather than becoming the victim of a storm chaser, call a local roofing company to take care of your repairs!

What Is A Storm Chaser Anyway?

A storm chaser is a roofing contractor who seeks out jobs by following the path of damaging storms.

They blow in after the storm blows out, drop flyers in neighborhoods that have seen the worst of the weather, then try to convince home and business owners to hire them for repairs or even just post-storm inspections.

They usually offer a really great price that seems too good to be true, usually because it is!

Unfortunately, these contractors tend to be on the dishonest side as they’re not really there to help you, they just want to find something wrong with your roof that needs repair even if there isn’t any damage plus the repairs they do are substandard at best.

Skipping town once they’ve done a few jobs in the storm area, you’ll likely have no recourse when cheap material and shoddy workmanship fail, leaving you out what you paid and still needing a valid roof repair.

Why Choosing A Local Roofer Is Better

Rather than risk any work done by storm chasers, there are many reasons why the better option is to seek a local roof service and have them check for any roof damage to be repaired:

  • Honesty - Local contractors that have permanent businesses in your community can be trusted to tell you what is ;and isn’t wrong with your roof and only make necessary repairs without taking advantage of you.
  • Reputation - Success in any community depends largely on having a good reputation, as you can easily get referrals from happy local customers as well as research a contractor’s reputation online to see what former clients say
  • Quality Material - Dependable roofers who provide good service will use quality materials to do a good repair that might cost more than what the fly-by-night roofers will do but will last much longer.
  • Expert Workmanship - Local roofing contractors compete with other local roofing contractors and are more likely to provide excellent workmanship, have necessary roof training, use good quality roof materials, and hold any necessary certifications and licenses for where they work and the products they use.
  • Valid Warranties - A local roofer wants to keep making new local customers and will stand behind their work by offering a warranty on their work so that if something does go wrong, they’ll make it right for you.

Choose Local Roofers Not Fly-By-Night Scam Artists

When the storm passes and you discover you need roof repairs, you want to hire a local roofing contractor you can trust.

Keep it in the community by calling a local roofer looking to make a new customer for years to come, not just do some work and be gone tomorrow.

Whether you need an inspection, repairs for storm damage, or a whole roofing replacement, there is a roof contractor in your area ready to make your roof a priority and stand behind their work!

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